The Search for the Best Scavenger Hunt Ends Here: The SF Hunt Seattle!

Chad and I have learned about a super cool new event coming to Seattle September 10 – the scavenger hunt to end all scavenger hunts: The SF Hunt Seattle.

(image courtesy of The SF Hunt)

(image courtesy of The SF Hunt)

The SF Hunt promises to be an all-day adventure, taking you all around Seattle, allowing you to discover the city’s hidden gems. The SF Hunt advertises itself as “1 city, 12 hours, 100 riddles.” What?!

Here’s how you play:

Teams of 4 people solve riddles that each lead to unique locations all over Seattle. To earn points, teams must travel together (you can run, walk, take public transportation – no cars or motorcycles allowed) to the spot you believe is correct, then upload photos, videos, or codes within The SF Hunt: Seattle mobile app. If in the right place, the app confirms (woohoo!) and updates the live leaderboard. At some locations, in order to get credit, teams may experience something new – you might search for a secret password, arm wrestle a stranger, or solve a riddle within a riddle.

(photo courtesy of The SF Hunt)

(photo courtesy of The SF Hunt)

Costumes are strongly encouraged. You can imagine the sites you’ll see (or be) around the city – as people dressed in tutus, wearing furry masks, or ninja costumes jump in fountains, play a giant game of Jenga, or high-five total strangers.

(photo courtesy of The SF Hunt)

(photo courtesy of The SF Hunt)

The SF Hunt folks want everyone from super-riddlers to casual puzzlers to attend, so they’ll set up meet up spots across the city to recharge your batteries (both human and digital) and share some discounted food & drink with fellow Hunters. These meet up spots will include Zoo Tavern, Brave Horse Tavern, Quality Athletics, Chuck’s Hop Shop, Hattie’s Hat Restaurant, Hilltop Ale House, Hilltop Ale House, Latona Pub, and 95 Slide. And at the end of the incredibly fun day, there is an after-party with free beer, swag, and of course prizes for the winners!

What do you win? Aside from the most awesome fun day ever spent with three of your friends, prizes will include Thermoball Jackets from The North Face, North Face backpacks, lululemon gift cards, MiiR Urban Camping Kits, a New Belgium Bike, and more.

The SF Hunt Seattle starts at 8:00 am on September 10 in Cal Anderson Park. At 8:00 pm the game ends and the after-party begins. To register for the event, go to – and, as a reader of our blog, enter our promo code “MrandMrsSmith” to receive 10% off your entry fee!

The SF Hunt will donate 10% of their proceeds from the event to the Seattle charity Girls on the Run. So come on! Join us, join the hunt, and have a great day!

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