Plant Nite in Seattle

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Plant Nite is the latest social gathering event to sweep Seattle. Similar to the popular paint and sip events (where groups gather to follow art instructions and paint a canvas while drinking wine resulting in some fabulous artwork), Plant Nite has groups gather to drink wine and follow instructions on how to build the perfect terrarium.

I recently attended a Plant Nite with some friends at Mulleady’s Irish Pub in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle.

After donning our Plant Nite aprons, selecting our terrarium bowls, and purchasing our wine, 

we were shown a photo of the terrarium theme design for this day’s event. (Each event has a different terrarium design, so you can choose which event you’ll attend based on the design you like). We were then allowed to choose three plants and one crystal to put in our terrarium. We were told to choose the crystal that spoke to us. I chose one that was small, but sparkly. I mainly chose the plants that spoke to me, the ones that said “Susan, pick me, I will look great in your terrarium!”

The plants and crystal that spoke to me

Once we had our plants and crystals, we sat at our tables and set down to work. We filled our planters with dirt and irrigation rocks (to allow the plant roots room to breathe). Serious thought went into the exact placement of each plant.

Rachel digs in

Lisa hard at work

We used the tools at hand – small spoons and oversized tweezers to delicately position each succulent in its proper location.

We then topped the dirt with either white or black gravel rocks (or both colors, depending on our interpretation of the design).
Our instructor then led us through a quasi-meditation as we “grounded” our crystals with positive energy. Rachel and Elaine are seen here meditating on their crystals. 

Rachel and Elaine meditating on their crystals

(I obviously strayed from meditation in order to take photos!)
After placing the crystal in the terrarium, our work was done and voila, the finished products.

At paint nights, it is fun to see how different people interpret the design to make a creation all their own. The same is true of Plant Nite We each strayed from the original design, keeping similar elements, to create unique terrariums.

It was a fun way for friends to gather and be creative. You can view upcoming Plant Nite events here: And Groupon often offers discounts on the Plant Nite tickets.

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