Giddy Up Burgers & Greens

Watch out pardners, there’s a new burger bar in town. Chad and I rode on over to Giddy Up Burgers & Greens in Frelard (is it Fremont? is it Ballard? it’s a fine line).


Made over from what was once a convenience store, Giddy Up Burgers makes you feel right at home on the range – with rough hewn wooden beams, faux animal skulls (carved from wood), and a mural of a farm range complete with red wooden barn.

The menu is concise but creative – focusing mainly on burgers (with the meat ground in-house), but also featuring pork, chicken, and veggie patties.

2014-12-21 13.38.25

Chad ordered the “City Slicker” which was a delicious white bean and quinoa burger. I ordered the Giddy Up Burger – hold the jalapenos. Mine was very tasty, but a word to the wise – it was spicy! My spice antenna should have gone up when I saw the words “Fire Sauce” included in the description, but oh well. It was delicious, even though my mouth was on fire.

2014-12-21 13.18.49

Giddy Up features 28 craft beers on tap – including two from our favorite getaway town of Hood River, Oregon (the Pfriem Family IPA and a grolsch from Double Mountain Brewery).

Beer list

To turn a hearty meal into a healthier meal, Giddy Up also features a very nice salad bar.


We enjoyed our meals and will definitely saddle up to Giddy Up again in the near future!

Location:    4600 Leary Way Northwest

Telephone: 206-782-2798

Hours:        Sunday – Thursday     11:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday – Saturday     11:00 am – 10:00 pm

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