SEAHAWKS… Game 1 to the Celebration

A couple weeks ago, Susan and I played hooky from work (though both our companies were totally aware) and walked down to the Seattle Center to be part of the 700,000+ fans cheering on our champion Seahawks ride in their first Super Bowl Victory Parade.


We were lucky to be right upfront on the street and were witness to the start of the parade that would ultimately weave through downtown Seattle and Pioneer Square, culminating in a celebration at CenturyLink Field. The air was cold (18 degrees to be exact) and though the celebration started a bit late, once the coaches and players made their way past the eager crowd, the excitement and energy warmed us all up. That said, after the parade began and we saw every last Duck Boat and military vehicle transport the team members down the parade route, Susan and I did enjoy watching the remainder of the parade from the warmth of our living room, fire on, snacks and warm drinks a plenty.


2014-02-05 12.01.27

2014-02-05 20.03.36-2

Little did Susan and I know, when we attended the first home game of the season this year (and our first Seahawks game ever), that the Seahawks were going to go all the way and bring Seattle its first ever Super Bowl victory.



The day Susan and I went to watch the Seahawks beat up on the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Seattle rain was in full effect. We did not let this dampen our spirits. We even arrived early to insure we could see the team run out on the field and see the “twelfth man” flag hoisted into the air accompanied by the roar of the fans… a record-breaking, decibel-ascending roar that would also take on new meaning throughout the season.


We are excited and of course, hopeful for a great season next year and we hope to take in two games… though we’re pretty sure tickets may be a tougher commodity to come by next season. What we also know it that it sure feels good to have both a winning team and pride envelope our new city. Well done Seahawks!


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