Edmonds Car Show

So, this past weekend, Susan indulged me yet again by attending the Edmonds Classic Car Show with me. I think deep down inside, she is developing an appreciation for these cars. Of course, the fact that the show took place along the major streets of Edmonds (a charming city just north of Seattle) and that Elvis appeared to be alive and well and singing in the middle of downtown did not hurt either.

We arrived, had little difficulty parking on a side street, and made our way to one of the main streets to begin our tour. It was a bright and sunny day, warm and perfect.


Edmonds is an ideal setting for a car show, especially the way the city has designed the show, using the two main streets that crisscross each other in the center of town to display the cars.

On display was a wide assortment of classics, from muscle cars from the 50’s and 60’s, to vintage Porsches, an incredible lineup of Corvettes, an assortment of cars from Europe and even some drag racers who put on a display, which, was incredibly loud by the way, but, impressive none the less. (More on this later…)


We made our way from car to car, appreciating the design and attention to detail that sadly you rarely see today.


The first car we came across was an amazing and pristine classic Jaguar. Even after walking the entire show, this was still one of my favorites.

Oh my.. Jag

Oh my.. Jag

We made our way to the center of town and the show, only to be greeted by Elvis singing in the street to a large and growing audience of mostly women. I will say, he was very good, authentic and by the look on some of the faces of the women in the crowd, obviously bringing back memories of times past.

He still has a way with the ladies.

He still has a way with the ladies.

As we continued north towards a trio of classic Porsches (that I must admit, I am a bit partial to), my hips were still swaying to the sounds of Elvis in my rearview (sorry). We took in the Porsches and other classics and decided to grab a bite before tackling the second half of the show.


Oh my..

Oh my..

ooooh my

ooooh my

We went back to a trusted place we enjoy, the Rusty Pelican Cafe. This place always has great food and service. I can’t recall what I had, but it was very good. We sat outside, which was great as we were only feet from some of the cars.


Of course, only a few feet further was the drag racer demo… which made for a loud lunch. Alas, “eat lunch during drag racer demo” was knocked off the bucket list.

Drag racer demo.. very cool and very, very loud

Drag racer demo.. very cool and very, very loud

We finished up lunch and completed the second half of the show, speaking with owners and enthusiasts alike.


Outside of the cars there was a great area for kids and I was relieved to see some parents and kids competing in classic wooden car races.



This is a great car show and I say that, having been to many. Unlike a lot of shows sponsored by cities, Edmonds and the group responsible for this show, really insist that the entries are of a really high standard. Also, Edmonds is a great setting for a car show like this as shopping and dining options are plentiful and this helps lure that reluctant car show attendee.


So, next year, give this show a shot. I really think for the avid fan or collector, your classic car show needs will be easily met. If not, just go to see Elvis.

Important Travel Notes:

For Information on Future Edmonds Classic Car Shows, please visit their website at http://www.edmondswa.com/events/edmonds-classic-car-show.html


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